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03 November 2022

Film+MusikFest Bielefeld: »Lonesome«, Vorfilm »The Land beyond the Sunset«
Daniel Kothenschulte, piano - Lichtwerk

Program Info:
» Lonesome«, Vorfilm »The Land beyond the Sunset«

Four of the most important big city films of the silent film era were made in 1927: Fritz Lang's science fiction monumental drama »Metropolis«, Walter Ruttmann's »Berlin – Symphony of a Big City«, FW Murnau's »Sunrise« and »Lonesome« by the Hungarian master director Paul Fejos. What these European directors have in common is their perfect mastery of the means of film aesthetics, sparking the experience of French Impressionism, German Expressionism and Russian montage techniques.

A parallel montage shows the everyday life of a young telephone operator and a metal worker who work in the same factory, know nothing about each other and then come together in New York's Coney Island amusement park, lose each other there and finally find each other again: " Two young hearts (so the German distribution title) begins like a documentary and ends as a fairy tale. A hype becomes an enchanted forest, the roller coaster becomes an evil dragon, a furnished room becomes a fairytale castle. , Paul Fejos is giving cinema Two Young Hearts one of the most beautiful films ever made.« (KunstKulturQuartier)

Paul Fejo's great narrative technique and his highly developed visual language show silent film cinema at the highest level and at the same time mark its end insofar as extra sequences with dialogue and music passages were shot for the upcoming sound film, which seemed like foreign bodies in the overall body of the film. »Lonesome« was restored by the George Eastman House in 2012; the three speaking scenes were also revised. Tinted and partially hand coloured in the Coney Island scenes, this version closely resembles the original theatrical release.

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Last edited: 23 September 2022 - 14:35 hours