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07 December 2022

Music from the tv-series Thin Blue Line
Orchestra - Cirkus

Program Info:
The family, Tusse, April Snow aka Irya Gmeyner
Ane Brun, Gina Dirawi, Isak Danielson, Joy, Vera Carpe,
Cornelia Vega, Johanna Mounzer och Amanda Jansson
Participating musicians:
Irya Gmeyner – Vocals, choir etc
Povel Olsson – Drums /perc/ choir (Chapel Master)
Felicia Westberg – Bass / Keyboards / Choir
Filip Bekic – Guitar / choir
Lovisa Samuelsson / Cello, Choir/ Keyboards
Manne Skafvenstedt – Piano /Keyboards

For the first time ever, concerts are made with only original music from a Swedish drama series. SVT's series Tunna Blå Linjen received an enormous amount of attention with season 1 and no drama series has ever had the impact on SVT Play as Tunna Blå Linjen. And also supposed record in public engagement.

The first episode had an unlikely 2.4 million viewers. But it is not only the series that is unique. The impact the music had was also unique. All music is original music from the series. And in the autumn, season 2 premieres with new music and new artists.

Some songs that stood out in season 1 are of course the theme "Urban City". The family made a fantastic "Malmö city" and April Snow and Ane Brun's duet in wonderful "Shapes Of Dreams" is still played frequently. Even more unexpected collaborations could be heard. And no one has been unmoved after hearing Joy in the song "En sekund". In autumn season 2, artists such as Tusse and Isak Danielson step into the series with newly written music. A unique musical evening is promised, which begins with a conversation on stage with participating actors and director.

The evening begins with conversations on stage with actors and scriptwriters:
Gizem Erdogan, Sandra Stojilkovic and Sanna Lenken.

Then there is a break. And then the concert.

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Last edited: 19 September 2022 - 12:53 hours