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22 November 2022
Monte Carlo

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920) in concert
Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo conducted by Frank Strobel - Salle Garnier

Program Info:
St├ęphane Fromageot - The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

It is first and foremost a modern and fascinating work whose multiple twists keep the spectator in suspense until the outcome Of the history. Here, like nowhere else in silent cinema, the aesthetic biases perfectly match the scenario and contribute to giving to the film its oppressive and fantastic atmosphere. Taking the opposite view naturalistic reproduction of man and nature, Caligari intends to express the subjective world of individuals through distortion and symbolism. Any further that to Robert Wiene alone who signs the staging, we must attribute all the merit of this film given as the manifesto of expressionist cinema German, to a top-notch creative team: screenwriters Carl Mayer and Hans Janowitz, producer Erich Pommer, set designer Hermann Warm and of course actors Conrad Veidt, Werner Krauss and Lil Dagover, who give flesh to this eternal struggle between shadow and light, on the border between madness and normality. The subject of the film also has a force immutable: does he not express his holy horror of the power that manipulates souls to secure blind obedience?
Vincent Vatican

Filmphilharmonic Edition

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