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22 October 2022
Gent (Ghent)

Film Fest Gent - Videodroom 2022: Line of Scrimmage
PAARD - Theaterzaal

Program Info:
Live jazz now with 6 short films!
PAARD. plays the soundtracks for 6 short films with the theme 'chase'

PAARD. needs little introduction in 2022. The ├╝ber-energetic Ghent band has cheerfully shattered the entrenched ideas about what jazz should be countless times. Their many other music projects prove that the band members don't care about boxes: Compro Oro , Coely , Doodskader and Kapitan Korsakov .

After a both horny and hilarious live stream show at VIERNULVIER last year, the plan arose to put together a live soundtrack project. For the new film project ' Line of Scrimmage ', the band is joining forces with 6 young (animation) filmmakers.

Inspired by the film classic ' Bullitt ' (1968) starring Steve McQueen , the gentlemen of PAARD asked. to each filmmaker to create a short segment on the theme of 'chase'. Taking into account their eclectic and unpredictable taste, PAARD. each of the 6 films live with a unique score.

The short films are by Sarah Yu Zeebroek , William Massy , Kim Pi Lee , Simon & Vincent Leynen , Anton Cla and Alexander Deprez and range from handcrafted stop-motion over live action drama to abstract computer visuals. Expect a humorous screening full of high energy music!

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Last edited: 18 August 2022 - 08:07 hours