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02 October 2022
Roma (Rome)

Roma Film Music Festival: Ennio Morricone - Universi sonori
L’Orchestra Italiana del Cinema conducted by Stefano Cucci - Auditorium Conciliazione

This concert has been canceled.

Program Info:
The Italian Cinema Orchestra
Stefano Cucci, conductor
Marco Serino, first violin
Leandro Piccioni, piano

Some of the most famous soundtracks re-orchestrated by Morricone himself for a fascinating sound mixture of strings and piano. A miracle of musical wisdom, where well-known melodies seem incredibly new. Creative happiness and absolute mastery of musical writing: this is the synthesis of the truest Morricone to whom this exciting concert directed by Maestro Stefano Cucci, for over twenty years his close collaborator and artistic coach of choir and orchestra, pays homage. On stage, together with an ensemble of fifty musicians, Leandro Piccioni and Marco Serino: historical companions, too, on a journey that made Morricone and his music universal.

"This reinterpretation for violin and string orchestra is a very refined and intimate version that Ennio Morricone left us, a sort of testament to his cinematographic production in the life of the great composer".
Marco Serino

“ Ennio Morricone is an icon of 20th century cinema music. An innovator who marked a before and after in the writing of soundtracks, now deposited in the collective imagination. But Morricone was, and is, one of the most interesting composers of the European avant-gardes of the last century. Its rich catalog of concert works consigns it to history as a witness to the liveliness and research that have characterized our culture. This innovative project brings together the two souls of the Roman composer, who have always been linked by a profound and indispensable synergy ".
Stefano Cucci

Program Concerto:

- Sergio Leone Suite
Once Upon a Time in America: Deborah's Theme - Cockeye's Song
Once Upon a Time in the West
The Good, the Ugly, the Bad: The ecstasy of gold

Giuseppe Tornatore Suite :
The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean
New Cinema Paradiso
A pure formality

Gabriel's Oboe
The Falls

Brian De Palma Suite
Casualties of war
The Untouchables

Reverse Canon

For the ancient stairs

Moses and Marco Polo Suite
The califfa

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This concert has been canceled.

Last edited: 18 August 2022 - 16:02 hours