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20 October 2022
Gent (Ghent)

Film Fest Gent - Videodroom 2022: Miaux X 'Carnival Of Souls
Miaux - Domzaal

Program Info:
MIAUX brings its own score for 'Carnival of Souls' live during the screening of the film

Carnival of Souls is a 1962 American psychological thriller produced and directed by Herk Harvey , with a screenplay by John Clifford .
The story follows Mary Henry (played by Candace Hilligoss ), a young woman who moves to a new town after a car accident, but doesn't feel at home there. Along the way, she is chased by a bizarre apparition - 'The Man', played by director Harvey himself - who forces her to go to an abandoned lakeside pavilion.

B-movie classic 'Carnival of Souls' was meant to "look like a Bergman and feel like a Cocteau " – something the film, with its striking locations and haunting organ score, succeeds in doing. Harvey used various guerrilla filming techniques and shot the film on a modest budget of $33,000. It was his only feature film, not receiving much attention when it was released in 1962 as a double film featuring the now largely forgotten 'The Devil's Messenger' . Still, this macabre masterpiece achieved cult following, thanks to screenings in arthouse cinemas during the Halloween period in the late 1980s and broadcasts on late-night television.

Since then, the print has been considered a classic by many film schools, with praise for its cinematography, lighting and sound. Critics and film scholars praise Gene Moore , who perfectly manages to create an eerie atmosphere. To this day, the film continues to inspire filmmakers - David Lynch , George A. Romero and Lucrecia Martel have all said that the film had a profound influence on them.

American film critic Leonard Maltin called Carnival of Souls a "creepy" and "imaginative low budget effort". Critic Roger Ebert compared the film to a "lost episode of 'The Twilight Zone' ." The Washington Post wrote: "Harvey's camera work makes the most mundane places and people look like horrific hallucinations (...) the lighting provides maximum disorientation value." On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received an 86% rating based on 37 reviews, with the consensus being: "Delightfully chilling proof that when it comes to telling an effective horror story, less can often be much, much more".

Born in Sarajevo, but now established in Antwerp for a long time: Mia Prce aka MIAUX . Armed with a Casio and devastating songwriting skills, she makes minimalist and melancholic music, steeped in mystery.

Miaux has released 3 albums on Dennis Tyfus ' label Ultra Eczema, as well as releases on Feeding Tube, Alien Passengers, Taped Sounds and Lal Lal Lal.

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