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01 October 2022
Great Falls
(Montana, USA)

John Williams: 90th birthday celebration
Great Falls Symphony Orchestra - Mansfield Theater

Program Info:
John Williams has scored more than 100 films in his stellar seven-decade career.
This concert celebrates the 90th birthday of John Williams, considered one of the greatest film composers of all time. His neoromantic style, greatly influenced by Tchaikovsky and Wagner, often employs leitmotif, a recurrent theme associated with a particular person, idea or situation. Tunes like ‘Princess Leia’s Theme’ and ‘Yoda’s Theme’ are stunning, and recur throughout Star Wars as the characters appear and reappear. Williams composed the scores for nine of the top 25 highest-grossing films at the US box office.

For many young Americans, his film scores are an on-ramp to classical music. Williams modernized film scoring and continues to influence other composers of film, popular, and contemporary classical music. The orchestra will present highlights from film works that span 1972 through today, starting with the overture from The Cowboys, a John Wayne western featuring a rousing theme that instantly conjures up images of galloping horses and sweeping landscapes. It reveals the young Williams as a true genius in the making.

On the repertoire:
Raiders march
The Cowboys overture
Highlights from Jurassic Park
Angela's ashes theme
March from 1941
ET: Adventures on earth
Star Wars medley
Harry Potter Symphonic suite

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Last edited: 27 September 2022 - 08:18 hours