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22 November 2022

Music of Hans Zimmer
Lords of the Sound conducted by Vitaliy Sarazhynsky - Arēna Rīga

Program Info:
LORDS OF THE SOUND, it's more than just a concert, it's a real show!

“Spider man 2”, “The Dark Knight”, “Interstellar”, “Gravity”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Angels & Demons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Gladiator”, “Mission: Impossible”, “Inception”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Spirit”, “Wonder Woman”, “Madagascar”, “Tears of the Sun” – by Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is a German film composer who became famous after the screening of the cult film Rain Man. "When composing the music for Rain Man, I thought: don't try to overwhelm the characters. Don't get in the foreground unnecessarily. Raymond, the main character, doesn't really understand where he is. He doesn't perceive the world as we do ... Why not compose" music of light "as a symbol of light that exists only in his head?" - recalls Hans. This work became a real breakthrough in his career, as Zimmer was nominated for an Oscar for it. The best Hollywood directors wanted to work with him. And Hans was completely dedicated to this job, often composing music for two or three films at once. His music attracted the attention of the Disney studio so much that he commissioned Zimmer to compose the music for the animated film The Lion King. He won three major awards for his musical motif for the film - an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy. Zimmer has won numerous awards and has become the best of the best artists in Hollywood. It rarely happens that Zimmer is not nominated for the Oscar ceremony.

The successful concerts of the LORDS OF THE SOUND orchestra combined with the best compositions of Hans Zimmer will draw you into an unforgettable experience of a warm summer evening, magical fairytale atmosphere full of beauty symphonic sound of favourite songs, rock band, radiant visual effects, strong vocal parts of soloists and choir, energy and unrestrained positive forces of the whole group!

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Last edited: 06 November 2022 - 10:07 hours