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25 November 2022

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Stuttgarter Philharmoniker conducted by Adrian Prabava - Stuttgarter Philharmoniker

Program Info:
The internal plot of this expressionist silent classic tells the story of the mad Dr Caligari, who terrifies a small north German town with the help of a somnambulist named Cesare. During the day, Caligari presents Cesare, who suffers from a strange, trance-like illness, at the fair. There, the tall, scrawny and pale somnambulist tells the future to onlookers. At night, however, this slave of Caligari prowls the town and commits terrible murders under the influence of his master. When a young man is murdered one night, whom Cesare had prophesied imminent death, Francis, a friend of the dead man, suspects that Dr. Caligari is involved. When Francis’ friend Jane is threatened and kidnapped by Cesare, suspicion becomes certainty. An angry crowd sets off in pursuit of the fleeing doctor. In an insane asylum, Francis seems to have cornered the showman, when he has to make a terrible discovery: the insane Dr. Caligari is the director of the asylum. The frame story creates the film’s ambiguity: for Francis, who told the story of Dr. Caligari, is himself an inmate of the mental asylum.

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