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18 October 2022

Ciné-concert Buster Keaton
Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire conducted by Alexandra Cravero - Centre de Congrès

Program Info:
Buster Keaton - director ● La Guigne de Malec (Hard Luck) (1921)
Buster Keaton - director ● Malec the elusive (The Goat) (1921)
Buster Keaton - director ● The Takedown House (One Week) (1920)
Music composed by Marc-Olivier Dupin (born in 1954) ● Alexandra Cravero - direction

Buster Keaton is a physical and an imaginary, a stuntman and a poet. It is a body of incredible plasticity and elegance that takes all the risks in extreme stunts. Keaton is an actor, author,
director, with avant-garde cinematographic inventiveness. Between realism and fiction, impassive face but lively gaze, he faces the hostility of a cataclysmic universe to break his loneliness and find a place – however modest – in a world that rejects him. In these cine-concerts, the immense artist will be honoured in three of his short films dating from 1920 and 1921. A hundred years separate the making of films from the music composed by Marc-Olivier Dupin. Full of life and sound finds, this score directed by Alexandra Cravero translates to vertigo the dazzling and brief trajectory of a genius of burlesque cinema.

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