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06 October 2022

Philharmonisches Orchester Trier conducted by Jochen Hostenbach - Theater Trier

Program Info:
A legendary film from the globally sensational German silent film production of the 1920s awaits you this time: Nosferatu, the film version of the Dracula story by the brilliant German film pioneer Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, who unfortunately died in an early accident. This film already has music in its (sub)title: A Symphony of Horror. The composer Hans Erdmann gratefully took up the atmospheric diversity of the film in his setting. Director and composer were not interested in producing a horror shocker, but rather in tracing the entanglements of the demonic with naturalness and the origins of the horror story in folklore. The result is one of the most consequential, widely cited and globally recognised films ever made. Many of the images Murnau found remain iconic to this day. In particular, the human rather than supernaturally gruesome portrayal of the vampire Nosferatu sets this film version apart from the mass of horror films. Towards the end of his short life, Murnau went to Hollywood - and won the Oscar for Best Picture at the first ever Academy Awards in 1929 for his first film made there, Sunrise.

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