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14 July 2022
WrocŁaw (Wroclaw)

Metropolis. NFM organ cinema
Tomasz Głuchowski - organ - Narodowe Forum Muzyki, Main Hall

Program Info:
Tomasz Głuchowski - organ
Michał Macewicz - DJ set

Organ cinema at the NFM is primarily meetings with the cinematography of the twenties of the last century and live improvised music. Silent frames of cult films on the border of science fiction, horror and fantasy will be enriched by the monumental timbre of the organ, at which prominent Polish artists will sit. This evening it will be Tomasz Głuchowski with the accompaniment of DJ Michał Macewicz.

Metropolis (1927) is a highly regarded film directed by Fritz Lang, who is considered to be the leading creator of German expressionism of the interwar period. This famous work shows a futuristic dystopia in which the community is divided into two classes: a privileged group of intellectuals overseeing the functioning of the system, and workers - an exploited group, really necessary for the life of the city. Despite the separation, however, they form a single whole. The city is ruled by the dictator Joh Fredersen. One day his son Freder meets and falls in love with working-class Maria. Wanting to meet her again, he goes underground, where for the first time he meets the truth about the cruelty of the system forcing people to work as slaves. The message of Fritz Lang's film remains relevant to this day: "there must be a heart between reason and hands". Interestingly, the film also features Polish themes - Erich Kettelhut, who designed the skyscrapers of the city of Metropolis , was to be inspired by the building of the Upper Silesian tower built in 1911 in Poznań, designed by the modernist architect Hans Poelzig. Lang's work gained great fame and significantly influenced the development of culture, including popular culture - in their music videos, Queen, Madonna and Freddie Mercury referred to it in their solo single. The soundtrack for the screening of the film will consist of improvisations by Tomasz Głuchowski. The organist will also be accompanied by DJ Michał Macewicz.

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