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08 July 2022

Star Trek meets Star Wars
National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Richard Kaufman - National Concert Hall

Program Info:
Prepare to beam up and feel the Force as the National Symphony Orchestra transports you to the ‘final frontier’ and ‘a galaxy far, far away’.

Come dressed as your favourite characters from two of the greatest sci-fi classics: Star Trek and Star Wars. Members of Starfleet, the Federation of Planets and its foes, the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Ewoks, Wookies and droids are cordially invited. No blasters!

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek is a television phenomenon that also conquered film and attracted some of the greatest soundtrack composers of the age, beginning with Alexander Courage’s stirring, iconic theme for the original late-1960s’ series.

For film, Jerry Goldsmith provided a rousing new theme for Star Trek, The Motion Picture and treated it to heroic scoring for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Leonard Rosenman’s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home brings old-school Hollywood to the table with a score brilliantly fusing original and new themes. Michael Giacchino’s blazing brass fanfare for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek re-boot is gloriously pumped up for the adrenaline-fuelled Star Trek Beyond.

John Williams’ magnificent score for Star Wars is one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable soundtracks in cinema history, his signature flare for drama and romance heard on all nine films in the Skywalker saga.

Light shades with dark in The Phantom Menace’s innocently vulnerable ‘Anakin’s Theme’, ‘The Flag Parade’ a brash, bustling flourish of symphonic muscle and colour.

From the original trilogy, the exotic, alien jazz of ‘Cantina Band’ breezily sits alongside the triumphant ‘Throne Room and End Titles’ from A New Hope, and the daunting ‘Imperial March’, and aching tenderness of ‘Han and the Princess’ from The Empire Strikes Back.

And begin the adventure again with the delicate ‘Rey’s Theme’ and exhilarating ‘Scherzo for X-Wings’ from The Force Awakens and stirring ‘The Rebellion is Reborn’ from The Last Jedi.

Star Trek
Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek, The Motion Picture
The Enterprise

Michael Giacchino Star Trek Beyond
Night on the Yorktown
Main Theme

Leonard Rosenman Star Trek IV:­ The Voyage Home
Main Title
Hospital Chase
End Credits

Alexander Courage Star Trek
Television Theme

Michael Giacchino Star Trek
Star Trek Deluxe

Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
End Credits

Star Wars
The Music of John Williams
The Phantom Menace
The Flag Parade
Anakin’s Theme

The Empire Strikes Back
Imperial March
Han and the Princess

A New Hope
Cantina Band

The Force Awakens
Rey’s Theme
Scherzo for X-Wings

The Last Jedi
The Rebellion is Reborn

Star Wars Suite
Throne Room and End Title

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This concert-info was provided by Seosamh Hurley. Thanks much for that! :)
Last edited: 22 May 2022 - 09:18 hours