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12 August 2022

»Phantom« / Stummfilm mit Livemusik
Phace - Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal

Program Info:
conductor Lars Mlekusch
Walter Seebacher clarinet
Stefan Obmann trombone
Mathilde Hoursiangou keyboard
Ivana Pristašová violin
Roland Schueler violoncello
Doris Nicoletti flute
Spiros Laskaridis trumpet
Berndt Thurner percussion
Samuel Toro Pérez electric guitar
Alexandra Dienz double bass
Alfred Reiter sound design

»Phantom« (1922) is the story of a passionate obsession told by the silent-film director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Commissioned by the Elbphilharmonie and the Wiener Konzerthaus, the composer Wolfgang Mitterer has now composed a new musical score to accompany the film. »Phantom – Notes of an Ex-Convict« is based on a novel, also published in 1922, by Gerhard Hauptmann, which tells the story of the poor bookworm Lorenz Lubota and the beautiful Veronika, a young lady from high society. Obsessed by her beauty and unattainability, Lubota drifts further and further into a surreal dream world. On the stage of bourgeois small-town life, there unfolds an amorous infatuation straddling catastrophe and redemption. The eleven soloists of Phace, the Viennese ensemble for new music, are renowned for their multidisciplinary projects, which are characterised by openness and experimental curiosity.

Phantom (Regie: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, D 1922)
Silent film based on Gerhard Hauptmann with live music composed by Wolfgang Mitterer

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