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11 August 2022

Maschek »Fräulein Else«
Musicbanda Franui - Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal

Program Info:
Musicbanda Franui:
Johannes Eder clarinet, bass clarinet
Romed Hopfgartner soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet
Markus Rainer trumpet
Andreas Schett trumpet
Martin Senfter trombone, vocals
Andreas Fuetsch tuba
Nikolai Tunkowitsch violin
Markus Kraler double bass, accordion
Angelika Rainer harp, zither, vocals
Bettina Rainer dulcimer, vocals

Maschek live synchronisation

Peter Hörmanseder revue
Robert Stachel revue

Silent film based on Arthur Schnitzler with music live dubbing – Elbphilharmonie Summer

Daughter from a good home caught in moral conflict

You might not quite believe what is happening – like you are in the wrong film, as it were – when witnessing the cabaret duo Maschek and Musicbanda Franui from East Tyrol using live dubbing and newly composed music for their unorthodox take on the Arthur Schnitzler adaptation of »Fräulein Else«. Director Paul Czinner filmed Schnitzler’s novella as a silent movie in 1929. It tells the story of Else Thalhof, a daughter from a good family who becomes embroiled in a moral conflict as a result of her father’s money problems. The solvent art dealer Dorsday is willing to help the family – but only on the condition that he may look at Else naked. Else has an unstable personality, with inner contradictions that pull her between exhibitionism and shame, a need for love and for emancipation. With their thematically contemporary and humorous new dubbing, the artists Robert Stachel and Peter Hörmanseder, known together as Maschek, create contrast with the tragic events of the film. The versatile music of Musicabanda Franui shifts between classical and chamber music, folk and jazz.

Remake des Stummfilms »Fräulein Else« (Regie: Paul Czinner, D 1929)
Remake of the silent film based on Arthur Schnitzler with live dubbing by the Austrian cabaret duo maschek. and new music by Markus Kraler and Andreas Schett.

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Last edited: 14 May 2022 - 12:16 hours