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02 October 2022

Ringing Utopias – #2021JLID | The cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Bundesjazzorchester - Forum at the palace park

Program Info:
Artistic Director: Niels Klein
Composer * innen / Arrangeur * innen: Jeff Beal, Hendrika Entzian, Miho Hazama, Oded Lev-Ari,
Florian Ross, Ansgar Striepens

With "Klingende Utopien - #2021JLID" the Federal Jazz Orchestra combines today's jazz avant-garde with yesterday's Jewish film avant-garde in an exciting multimedia mixture of silent films, jazz orchestra and vocal ensemble. At the center of the project is the film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (1920). 100 years after its creation, the silent film offers many current interpretations as one of the first horror films, with expressionist design, its themes such as mental illness, crime, criticism of militarism and authority, etc. In contrast to many comedies of the time, whose humor works poorly today , this six-act film remains a classic to this day. The Bundesjazzorchester has commissioned the well-known Hollywood film composer Jeff Beal (known, among other things, from “House of Cards”) with a new soundtrack to the “Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” commissioned. The program is supplemented by five short animated films from the famous Berlin advertising agency Julius Pinschewer, which also have new soundtracks.

With the project, the Federal Jazz Orchestra honored the groundbreaking achievements of Jewish filmmakers of the Weimar Republic (including screenwriter Carl Mayer, director Robert Wiene and advertising film pioneer Julius Pinschewer) in an exciting multimedia mixture of silent films, jazz orchestra and vocal ensemble.

Jeff Beal : “The Cabinet of Drs. Caligari ”(1920), Director: Robert Wiene
Hendrika Entzian : "Dance of the Bottles, Maggi Würze" (1912), director: Julius Pinschewer
Ansgar Striepens : "Dance of the Bottles, Kupferberg Gold" (1912), director: Julius Pinschewer
Florian Ross : "The Tooth Devil" (1915), directed by Harry Jaeger
Oded Lev-Ari : „Die Barcarole" (1924), Director: Lottereiniger
Miho Hazama : "In the film studio" (1927), directors: Hedwig and Gerda Otto

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