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21 October 2022
WrocŁaw (Wroclaw)

Visual Concert - Concert of Film and Epic Music
CoOperate Orchestra & AMU Academic Choir conducted by Adama Domurata - Hala Stulecia

Program Info:
We invite you to the next edition of the Visual Concert, which will have its premiere in autumn 2022. We will present a surprising approach to a musical and visual journey around the world as well as new film materials. A new soloist will also appear on stage, whose name will be revealed soon.

Visual Concert - a concert of film and epic music with a film projection of the most beautiful places in the world is an extraordinary multimedia and music show. We are coming back to the big stage to take the audience on a musical journey around our planet once again.

During the Visual Concert, we will use the very well-known and liked themes of film soundtracks, the energetic and epic sound of the "trailer music" genre. We present film images and visualizations of the most wonderful places in the world on a large, panoramic screen.

The nearly 80-person team of the CoOperate Orchestra with the accompaniment of the AMU Academic Choir (prepared by Beata Bielska) under the baton of Adam Domurat will fill the musical space to the rhythm of the film image showing the most spectacular places on our Earth: from charming beaches on Hawaiian islands, through the 7 Wonders of the World , amazing National Parks, tropical forests, snow-capped mountain peaks to urban jungles around the world.

In symphonic sound we will hear film music pieces from a completely new repertoire. We will publish the details on a regular basis soon . The concert will be graced by talented soloists.

Come and go with us on an unforgettable trip around the world. Feel like in the cinema, listen to the most beautiful film music and the amazing archway of epic music live. See a cinematic picture of the most amazing places around the world on the large, panoramic screen.

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