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03 December 2022

Filmconcert: Hitchcocks Blackmail
James Whale Orchestra & Postland - De Vereeniging, Grote Zaal

Program Info:
Oliver Parr - Blackmail

Blackmail, Hitchcock's major breakthrough as a director in 1929, returns to the big screen with a bang! The entire film will be shown this evening with a brand new
soundtrack by composer Oliver Parr, played live by the Postland Ensemble and James Whale Orchestra.

Blackmail was originally made as a silent film. The increasing popularity of sound films eventually resulted in two versions of Blackmail: a silent version and a sound version, the first British sound film. The film was a huge blockbuster in Europe and marked Alfred Hitchcock's definitive breakthrough as a film director.

The film contains all the essential elements of the Hitchcockian thriller: the beautiful but tragic blonde, the charming crook, the gruesome murder, the chase through famous places, sudden plot twists, black humor and of course a glimpse of the maestro herself.

Postland is a new Utrecht music collective consisting of five versatile musicians from the top segment of the broad European contemporary music scene. The ensemble focuses on programming and performing music projects that are characterized by current social themes, new technologies and crossovers to other (cultural or otherwise) sectors. Postland's programming aims at joint experiences for different target groups, regardless of age, economic and cultural background.
The James Whale Orchestra

The James Whale Orchestra is formed by composer Oliver Parr and music producer Panos Iaonnou. The duo creates soundtracks for film classics, performed by a combination of live musicians synchronized with 'virtual instruments' created with music production technology. With this concept, live orchestrated film music can be played in almost every theatre. Past productions include Frankenstein (1932) and Nosferatu (1923). The recent production City Girl (1931) has been performed in various places in the Netherlands and received much praise at the Portugal International Film Festival.

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Last edited: 29 March 2022 - 14:18 hours