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23 October 2022
Luzern (Lucerne)

City Lights
City Light Symphony Orchestra conducted by Anthony Gabriele - KKL

Program Info:
«City Lights» – by and with Charles Chaplin

The 1931 silent film "City Lights" is a tragic comedy in which Charlie Chaplin as "The Tramp", his most famous character, embarks on adventurous forays through urban scenes. The tramp falls in love with a blind flower girl whom he helps to have an eye operation. After a number of trials and tribulations, in which the tramp tries his hand at boxing, befriends an alcoholic millionaire and ends up in prison by mistake, the two finally find each other.

With the production of «City Lights», Chaplin committed an anachronism that involved a considerable risk. Since the triumph of the sound film, the majority of the public has considered silent films to be old-fashioned. But the risk paid off: "City Lights" was Chaplin's greatest triumph of his career to date and is still considered a masterpiece in film history.

Sir Charles Chaplin is one of the most important comedians of the 20th century. His most famous role is "The Tramp," an impoverished tramp with the manners and dignity of a gentleman. This character with a moustache, oversized pants and shoes, bamboo stick in hand and bowler hat on his head became a movie icon. The American Film Institute ranked Charlie Chaplin as the 10th greatest American film legend of all time.

While the film shines on the big screen, the 50-strong City Light Symphony Orchestra plays Charlie Chaplin's film music to the point.

Dive into the bustling 1930s with Charlie Chaplin and be enchanted by this everlasting classic film!

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This concert-info was provided by Anthony Gabriele. Thanks much for that! :)
Last edited: 17 April 2022 - 08:02 hours