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23 October 2021

La musica è pericolosa (Margin Notes on Music is dangerous)
Nicola Piovani & band - Teatro Verdi

Program Info:
Nicola Piovani, piano
Marina Cesari, sax and clarinet
Pasquale Filastò, cello, guitar and mandolin cello
Ivan Gambini, drums and percussion
Marco Loddo, double bass
Sergio Colicchio, keyboards and accordion

A story that uses words and sounds to cover some of the stages in the life and brilliant career of Oscar-winning pianist and composer Nicola Piovani. Alternating between theatrically unpublished pieces and new arrangements of his best-known compositions, the maestro gives life to a work made up not only of words and music, but also images from films, shows and - above all - images that artists such as Milo Manara have dedicated to his work.
A hymn to music because songs live in the air, they pass through our lives, they inhabit our dreams. The mark that a song leaves on time is something that escapes critical analysis, "one of the most irrational and convincing testimonies to the essence of the supernatural", in the words of Piovani.

Come to the theatre because...
An artistic autobiography full of precious memories, reflections and suggestions. A hypnotic journey that goes straight to the heart.

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