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03 November 2021

Film+MusikFest: The Goose Woman (Mordsache Gänsemagd)
Daniel Kothenschulte, piano - Lichtwerk

Program Info:
"The Goose Woman" Mordsache Gänsemagd)

The "women's director" Clarence Brown, famous among other things for seven films with Greta Garbo and six with Joan Crawford, shows his heroine Mary Holmes, played by the later Oscar-nominated Louise Dresser, as a degenerate alcoholic who lives poorly from goose-keeping in a dirty shack with her son. Her muteness holds the secret of her former life as an opera star. Marie de Nardi, her former stage name, had lost her voice at the birth of her illegitimate son, which she still makes him feel. She takes a murder case in the neighbourhood, which attracts the sensational press, as a chance to come forward as a (false) witness in order to return to the light of publicity for once ...

The film, based on a short story by Rex Beach after an actual murder case, convinces with its sense of atmosphere, suspense and tragedy, with which the fate of a woman whose love becomes her undoing is shown movingly and with extraordinary visual power.

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Last edited: 07 September 2021 - 09:15 hours