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24 October 2021

Film+MusikFest: Madame Dubarry
Metropolis Orchester Berlin - Rudolf-Oetker-Halle

Program Info:
In the revolutionary year of 1919, with its "turnip winter" marked by poverty and hunger, Ernst Lubitsch from Berlin makes a film about the elegant age in pre-revolution France. His heroine is an up-and-comer, first a milliner, then the king's mistress, in the last image of the film on the scaffold. But more glamour than misery is shown by the director, who is forced to shoot not on the original locations in Versailles but in Potsdam, where the backdrop-like buildings of Frederick II seem to have come to their true purpose in their yearning artificiality. That the scenes of the uprising and poverty, on the other hand, are shot exclusively in the studio seems only consistent. The French press understandably lamented this cultural Ursupation: "The graceful and light epoch of Louis XV, reawakened by the sauerkraut gentlemen with their little round eyes and their heavy bellies!" but had to admit that "the execution, apart from a few errors, is admirable." Fast, light, immoral, abysmal and cynical: experience the legendary "Lubitsch touch!"

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