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21 November 2021
Roma (Rome)

Lucia Ronchetti | Inferno Opera-Film / Edison Studio | Inferno 2021
Edison's Orchestra - Auditorium Parco della Musica, Studio Borgna Theater

Program Info:
Lucia Ronchetti | Inferno Opera-Film
Edison Studio | Inferno 2021

The evening presents two different video-music projects:

With Inferno Opera-Film Lucia Ronchetti brings to the screen the work created on the commission of the Oper und Schauspiel Frankfurt from Dante Aligheri's La Divina Commedia. The filmed material with singers and actors produced by director Kay Voges becomes a work in cinematic form built on the composer's score.

On the occasion of the seven hundredth anniversary of Dante's death, Edison Studio has created a new version of the soundtrack of the most visionary film in Italian silent cinema: Inferno (1911) from Dante Alighieri's "La Divina Commedia" by Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan and Giuseppe De Liguoro. The screening of the restored version of the film (curated by the Cineteca di Bologna) is accompanied by Edison's live musical performance: a composition of vocal, mechanical sounds, changed by the nature and history of music, orchestrated and transformed live with instruments of new technologies.

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