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31 October 2021

1st Chamber Concert / Tango Titanic
Rossini-Strings - Volkstheater Rostock

Program Info:
Violin: Bartosz Chrzéscijanek
Viola: Ovidiu David
Violincello: Ekkehardt Walther
Double bass: Michael Brzoska

The opening of the chamber concert series in the Barocksaal is all about dance - from waltzes to tango. The Rossini strings in the unusual string quartet line-up with only one violin, one viola, one cello and one double bass play various tangos by Argentine and Brazilian composers, Josef Strauss' Polka française Feuerfest! 'Johann Strauss' roses from the south and waltzes by Lutz Gerlach and Michael Brzoska, the evening's double bass player. There will also be music from the world-famous 1997 film Titanic , for which composer James Horner received two Oscar awards.

James Horner: Music from the film Titanic
Tangos by Ernesto Nazareth ( Cavaquinho / Sarambeque ), Angel Villoldo ( El Portenito ), Alberto Nepomuceno ( Galhofeira )
Lutz Gerlach: Adagio for Samuel / Waltz of Fame
Johann Strauss: Roses from the South Waltz op. 388 / fireproof! Polka française op.269
Michael Brzoska: Valse de Cameroun

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Last edited: 15 August 2021 - 10:20 hours