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09 October 2022

David Garrett 'alive tour'
David Garrett - Zoppas Arena

Program Info:
The superstar of classical, rock and pop music takes us on his personal journey through the film soundtrack of his life.

We all enjoy recalling special moments and formative experiences: favourite songs from across many different genres, which immediately bring pictures and emotions to mind, put a smile on the face, bring comfort, and encourage us to give of our best. With Alive – My Soundtrack, star violinist David Garrett releases his latest crossover project - perhaps the most personal of his musical career to date, precisely because it features songs and pieces that have a very special meaning in Garrett's life. "My heart beats for all the songs on this album, because I have an intense connection with every single one of them. To put it simply, I carry a little piece of all of them in my heart."

The new album starts with a Bee Gees classic: "Stayin' Alive" was the very first song David Garrett chose and recorded for the album. "The song was the initial spark for the whole soundtrack album, but I wanted to make it variable and not just strictly film music related from the onset."

On the album, David Garrett presents his personal favourites and combines them with very different memories and moments: "Dance Of The Knights" reminds him of his childhood: "I was very small, 4 or 5 years old. Even before I started playing the violin, my mother's record collection and this ballet piece were absolutely fascinating to me". When it comes to energy and giving it free rein, "Confutatis" by Mozart is a piece that grabs you right away. Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" makes him feel touched and emotional because it was "written in a difficult situation and yet, it is timeless and hopeful. "Shallow" is David Garrett's interpretation of a modern classic from the film "A Star Is Born": "I was very moved by that film." When in need of athletic motivation, it's Metallica and the brute "Enter Sandman" that gets Garrett’s adrenaline pumping. As soon as it will be possible again, he is looking forward to the live performances of the not easy to play "Hoedown", but also of "Come Together", which is played only with the electric violin. When asked which of the songs on the album he wants to start the day with, the answer is clear: “’Beauty and the Beast!’ I'm a huge Disney fan and I live by the motto: Start the day with a smile – and please don't be too hectic, but rather relaxed. And this song does that to me." There's also another Disney song on the album, "Let It Go" from Frozen. David Garrett attaches great importance to the balance of moods that each song triggers in him and the listeners. "There is always sunshine after rain, that's life and that's how I also feel about music," says Garrett, explaining the diversity on his new album.

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Last edited: 12 March 2022 - 10:20 hours