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02 December 2021

Brahms´ 2nd Symphony with Kluxen
Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Christian Kluxen - Tromsø Kulturhus, Hovedscenen

Program Info:
Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra
Christian Kluxen, conductor
Johan Dalene, violin

Feel the great symphonic noise rise from the orchestra of Brahms' Second Symphony - and let sound-painting cinematic music take you back to 1930s Hollywood and Detroit.

Optimism, light and warmth are a kind of recurring theme when chief conductor Christian Kluxen and the symphony orchestra make music by Brahms, Korngold and Mazzoli.
Huge expectations

In his young years, Johannes Brahms was weighed down by high expectations of becoming the heir to the symphony master Beethoven. This pressure was probably contributing to the fact that he spent a full 21 years before he said he was satisfied and completed his first symphony.

When it premiered in 1876, it obviously triggered new creative ideas, and in a few months he had completed Symphony No. 2, which we will hear in this concert.

Brahms wrote the sketches for the work during a long stay in the idyllic resort town of Pörtschach, and you can almost hear the influence from the surroundings in the bright moods of the music.
Optimistic Brahms

Although throughout the symphony one can sense the melancholy that sat so deeply with Brahms, it is the optimism and the almost spring expression that seems to have the upper hand in all four movements.

In December, we may see it as a light in the dark and a longing for the light that will soon return.
Hollywood star Korngold

Erich Korngold was what one would today call a child star in music life. Already as an 11-year-old he had great success in Vienna with the ballet The Snowman , and he also wrote several successful operas at a young age.

In addition, he worked as an opera conductor and taught at the Conservatory of Music in Vienna. In the 1930s, he emigrated to the United States, where from the very beginning he was commissioned to compose film music.

With a background in European stage music, he quickly gained a foothold in the new growing film music genre and wrote music for a total of 16 Hollywood films, and was nominated for several Oscars for his work.

Of these, perhaps Robin Hood's 1938 fairy tale is the most famous today. His violin concerto is written in the same time period as this, and the themes in all three movements are taken from film music - or was it perhaps the opposite, that he took inspiration from the violin concerto for the films?

What is certain, however, is that today we can clearly hear the resemblance to film music throughout the violin concerto.

Johannes Brahms - 2nd Symphony
Erich Wolfgang Korngold - Violin concert D-Dur, op.35: the concerto has themes from the scores for the movies ANOTHER DAWN (1937), ANTHONY ADVERSE (1936) & THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER (1937)

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