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27 October 2021
Bruxelles / Brussel (Brussels)

Cinésonic The ABC of cartoons and sound effects | Junior 5+
Stéphane Daubersy & Catherine De Biasio - Flagey, Studio 1

Program Info:
Stéphane Daubersy, guitar, voice
Catherine De Biasio, clarinet, percussion, trombone, keyboard

Cinésonic is a journey through the world of soundtracks, sound effects and "mickeymousing" of 1960s cartoons. Through an animated question-and-answer game based on excerpts from the Czech classics by Břetislav Pojar and Hermína Týrlová (The Little Umbrella, The Donkey with the Big Ears...), Stéphane and Catherine introduce the children to the subtle and intriguing art of live film music.

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