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02 July 2022
San Francisco
(California, USA)

The Matrix - Film with Live Orchestra
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra - Davies Symphony Hall

Program Info:
Don Davis - The Matrix

MATRIX LIVE – FILM IN CONCERT brings the winner of four Oscars to the concert hall. The live film concert combines visionary science fiction imagery with the sound of a large symphonic orchestra. THE MATRIX is deemed to have played a groundbreaking role in the development of the science fiction genre, dealing with a subject of concern to millions of cinema goers at the turn of millennium: the border between reality and the virtual world. The film’s content, narrative and technical realization (e.g. the so-called ‘bullet time effect’) helped open up and propagate a new dimension of film appreciation.

The music: In his composition for THE MATRIX, Don Davis reconciles new music stylistics with the requirements of an action film, using complex and unrelenting sounds to portray the nonreality of the Matrix. ‘An orchestral challenge that may be one or two decades ahead of its time.’ (Jerry McCulley)

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This concert-info was provided by Alex P. From NYC. Thanks much for that! :)
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