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22 January 2022

Improvisations on silent film "Modern Times"
Geerten van de Wetering, organ - Tivoli Vredenburg

Program Info:
Charles Chaplin - Modern Times

There is no instrument that values ‚Äč‚Äčimprovisation as highly as the organ. Many of Bach's compositions would have been unimaginable if Bach hadn't been such a brilliant improviser. Improvisation competitions are highly regarded among organists and the most important improvisation competition for organists worldwide takes place every few years in Haarlem. Geerten Wetering won the competition in 2018, making him the ideal artist for improvising in silent films. Horror scenes, budding love, fear and danger, falling buildings or clumsy bumbling: you see the images and you hear Van de Wetering's musical imagination. He plays with feelings and gives people and situations a voice. Thanks to the organ, film images without sound and an exceptional talent for improvisation.

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