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17 January 2021

Chamber Concert: Tango Titanic
Rossini strings - Volkstheater Rostock

This concert has been canceled.

Program Info:
Violin: Bartosz Chrzéscijanek
Viola: Ovidiu David
Violincello: Ekkehardt Walther
Double bass: Michael Brzoska

James Horner: Music from the film Titanic
Tangos by Ernesto Nazareth (Cavaquinho / Sarambeque), Angel Villoldo (El Portenito), Alberto Nepomuceno (Galhofeira)
Lutz Gerlach: Adagio for Samuel / Waltz of Fame
Johann Strauss: Roses from the South Waltz op. 388 / fireproof! Polka française op.269
Michael Brzoska: Valse de Cameroun

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This concert has been canceled.

Last edited: 10 January 2021 - 18:02 hours