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06 December 2020
Monte Carlo

Florilège Chaplin
Karol Beffa, piano - Auditorium Rainier III

Program Info:
Charlot patina (1916)
The Rink, 23 min
Charlot, restaurant waiter works and creates a mad panic, in the kitchen as in the dining room. But he has only one passion: skating. And at the ice rink, where he rushes after his service, he finds some dissatisfied customers, with the results one would imagine, until he escaped the rink - but always with his skates at the feet of Charlot!

Charlot pompier (1919)
The Fireman, 24 min
Charlot, a mediocre fireman, lets himself be swept away by the flames of love, foils an insurance scam and saves Edna's life in a most perilous stunt. A film in which we discover that the old "trucks" of firefighters, pulled by horses, were already equipped with reverse gear.

Charlot usurier (1916)
The Pawn Shop, 20 min
Charlot has found a place in a pawn shop owned by Edna’s father, and his expert appraisals are very unorthodox. Despite his rebellious habits and his eternal rivalry with his colleague and rival, he foils a heist planned by Goliath, remains the ideal employee ... and probably the future son-in-law of the owner.

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