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30 December 2020

New Year's Eve at the Philharmonic: Hommage a 'Blues Brothers'
Filharmonia Opolska conducted by Piotr Sułkowski - Filharmonia, Sala koncertowa

Program Info:
Opole Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Piotr Sułkowski - conductor
Artur Jurek - piano, electronic instruments / hamond
Krzysztof Paul - guitar
Piotr Lemańczyk - bass guitar
Roman Ślefarski - drums
Zbigniew Zamachowski - vocal
Maciej Miecznikowski - vocal
Jolanta Szczepaniak - vocal

Songs from the movie Blues Brothers (arranged by Wiesław Świderski)

The charm of cheap bastards, an inexhaustible old-school style, inexhaustible energy and contagious optimism, which the title brothers do not lack, although they still get into trouble - this is the secret of the Blues Brothers success. The duo debuted in the American comedy program Saturday Night Live, but gained popularity around the world thanks to the 1980 film - a musical comedy with a galaxy of stars (such as Aretha Franklin, Steven Spielberg and Ray Charles), full of car crashes, spectacular dance scenes, and above all, amazing music. Jake Blues is released from prison and, together with his brother Elwood, decides to save the bankrupt orphanage in which they both grew up from closing. They reactivate their former, previously unprofitable band and set off on a US tour.The plot is a pretext for the appearance of excellent songs in the film, which conquered the world and sparked the fashion for soul, rhythm and blues. Who hasn't danced to Everybody Needs Somebody to Love at least once, a song whose message is hard to disagree with? Who has never heard the persistent and slightly sinister ostinato of the guitar and the piano, the most iconic theme from the Blues Brothers? This is a theme from the Peter Gunn detective series from the HOMMAGE A BLUES BROTHERS 50 years. Jailhouse Rock, in turn, is a hit by Elvis Presley himself. Gimme Some Lovin ', a hit from the 1960s, the Blues brothers sing in a bar for country lovers, on a stage behind bars. After a few bars, it is explained why such an interior arrangement comes from - dissatisfied audience has a habit of throwing bottles at artists.The heroes save themselves by performing a theme from the Western series Rawhide - the ballad about the work of a cattle shepherd appeals to the audience. Forever Young Minnie the Moocher, a song from 1931, owes its continued popularity to the scat chorus repeated by the audience. These and other hits will be performed by Zbigniew Zamachowski and Maciej Miecznikowski together with Jolanta Szczepaniak and musicians of the Opole Philharmonic in obligatory black glasses, hats and white socks with suits. Zamachowski, known to the general public as an actor, was repeatedly appreciated and awarded for his vocal talent. Maciej Miecznikowski, the singer, is equal to the Blues brothers with his sense of humor and distance to the world and himself. Jolanta Szczepaniak is a true personality of Polish jazz and soul. A select cast and music sparkling with joy guarantee,that after the concert we will be humming blues hits for many days, and good humor will stay with us throughout 2021.

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Last edited: 19 October 2020 - 08:32 hours