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28 February 2021
(Massachusetts, USA)

Winter Concert: "Passages"
MetWinds - Scottish Rite Masonic Museum

Program Info:
The MetWinds often choose music to commemorate and accompany us through the most important moments of our lives. Moments of celebration and sorrow, exaltation and reflection, and even the passage of time itself have all been memorialized in music. The pieces that comprise this program reflect our perceptions of time or represent the memories and events that serve as the sign posts of our lives. Opening the program is James Newton Howard's symphonic Grand Canyon fanfare, from the eponymous film. Howard's powerful scoring captures a glimpse of the timelessness and grandeur of the magnificent national park. Two works on the program depict themes of parenthood and marriage: Frank Ticheli's Joy Revisited and Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral by Richard Wagner. Ticheli composed the melody for Joy Revisited on the occasion of the birth of his first daughter and listeners can hear the nervous energy and excitement of the soon-to-be new parent. We'll also be performing what has become a classic of the wind band repertoire, Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral, from the wedding scene of Wagner's monumental opera, Lohengrin. We often turn to music in times of tragedy and sorrow and a pair of selections each explore resilience and solace in the face of devastating loss: Omar Thomas's powerful Of Our New Day Begun memorializes the victims of the shooting at the Mother Emanuel church in Charleston while One Life Beautiful, by Julie Giroux, was composed in memory of a lost child.

Two compositions by David Maslanka and Michael Markowski grapple with life's difficult transitions. Maslanka's Traveler was written as a retirement gift to a friend and captures the emotion of moving from one phase of life to another. Markowski's Instinctive Travels draws inspiration from a passage in Darwin's Origin of the Species and, in the composer's words, is itself "inherently animalistic, primal, and constantly evolving." Concluding our concert with music of celebration, John Philip Sousa's Easter Monday on the White House Lawn was composed to commemorate the spring tradition in the nation's capital.

James Newton Howard/arr. Murtha - Grand Canyon Fanfare
Michael Markowski - Instinctive Travels
Julie Giroux - One Life Beautiful
Omar Thomas - Of Our New Day Begun
Frank Ticheli - Joy Revisited
Richard Wagner/arr. Cailliet - Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral
David Maslanka - Traveler

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