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20 December 2020

Hitch and Me
Jens Wawrczeck, reader - Natascha Böttcher, double bass - Guido Jäger - Theater Ehrenbergstraße

Program Info:
“The 39 Steps” reading with Jens Wawrczeck
accordion: Natascha Böttcher, double bass: Guido Jäger

Alfred Hitchcock? A case for Jens Wawrczeck!

Jens Wawrczeck - the man who knew too much. In any case, so much about Alfred Hitchcock and his films that he can no longer keep it to himself!

Hitch and Me: “The 39 Steps” **
After living in Rhodesia, Richard Hannay is bored in London. Until suddenly Franklin P. Scudder stands at the door and comes up with an adventurous story: He is a spy and knows that a conspiratorial ring is planning the murder of the Greek Prime Minister. And because the conspirators were now pursuing him too, he had faked his death and had to go into hiding. Shortly afterwards, however, he lies dead in Hannay's apartment, for whom a wild escape through all of Scotland begins. At least he can decipher Scudder's coded notebook, but what do the ominous “39 steps” it is about?

The actor Jens Wawrczeck achieved with his role as detective Peter Shaw in the radio play series Die Drei ??? a cult status that continues to this day. With the reading series Hitch and Me, he is now fulfilling a dream. His great passion is Alfred Hitchcock and the literature "behind the film". He has to expose them: the invisible third parties - the novels and stories behind Hitchcock's film successes.

Jens Wawrczeck manages to bring every Hitchcock classic to life. He lets his audience completely immerse themselves in the world of mysterious events. The accompanying live music also contributes to the special atmosphere of the reading. Experience a suspiciously exciting evening and a perfect reading performance! Murderous, musical, multimedia.

A suspiciously exciting evening for Hitchcock fans, literature freaks, film buffs and everyone who is notorious for their love of good entertainment and perfect reading performance! Welcome to Hitch and Me !

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This concert-info was provided by Marco Ubaldi. Thanks much for that! :)
Last edited: 08 October 2020 - 07:54 hours