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07 November 2020

Classic Anime Theme Song Romantic Piano Recital
Yu Boyang, piano - Jiangsu Grand Theater

Program Info:
1. Swordland-"Sword Art Online"
2. Secret Base-"Unheard Flower Name"
The familiar prelude sounded, the heart will always be touched.
3. Honglian No Bow Arrow-"Attack on Titan"
When I heard this piano music, I began to imagine the day I could play it
4. I want to get out of it, far from it-"Five Centimeters Per Second"
5. Ashitaka and San-"Princess Mononoke"
6. Time that never returns-"Porco Rosso"
7. Butter-Fly-"Digimon"
8. Private Boo—— "Your Lie in April"
9. Guang る Na —— Piano version of "Your Lie in April"
10. "Guilty Crown" Fantasy Suite-"Guilty Crown"


11. Mozart: Variations on the Little Star-"Your Lie in April"
12. Proof of Water-"Mobile Suit Gundam Seed"
13. Love してる-"Natsume Friends Account"
14. Girl さとり~3rd eye-"Touhou Project"
15. Blue Bird-"Naruto"
16. We are-"One Piece"

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