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01 November 2020

Summer-Hayao Miyazaki • Hisaishiro Classic Animation Audiovisual Concert
Beijing Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Gong Jianhua - Hangzhou Theater

Program Info:
One, opening
Second, Sky City Suite
1. "Christine Ann duo miss"
2. take you fly (orchestra)
Third, Spirited Chihiro Suite
1. "Spirited Away Waltz"
2. "Looking for That Summer"
3. "Not Parting " (female solo)
4. Princess Mononoke Suite
1. Theme song (female solo)
2. "Asidaka and Sang Girl"
5. Kikujiro's summer theme song


6. "Goldfish on the Cliff" theme song
seven, "Nausicaa Suite"
1. Kushana's invasion
2. Kick off the curtain
eight, "My Neighbor Totoro" Suite
1. "My Neighbor Totoro"
2. Passage of the Wind"
3. "Walk" (girl solo)
9. "Howl's Moving Castle" episode "The Restraint of the World, the Carousel of Life" (girl solo)
10. Wonderful return song

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