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26 September 2020

Nostalgic Film and Television Golden Melodies
China Symphony Orchestra conducted by Xu Dongxiao - Beijing Concert Hall

Program Info:
China Symphony Orchestra
Xu Dongxiao, conductor
Cheng Yan, Jia Linlin, piano
Choir and singers


1. Gongmu Ci, Liu Chi's "Heroic Hymn"-the movie "The Sons and Daughters of Heroes"
2. Lu Zhu's Mandarin, Fu Gengchen's "Azalea"-the movie "Sparkling Red Star"
3. Zhang Zhongpeng's lyrics, Shi Wanchun's song "Run forward along the road of socialism"-the movie "Qingsongling"

1. Li Ruqing's lyrics, Wang Mo's song "The fisherman girl at the beach"-the movie "Haixia"
2. Chang Xin's lyrics and music "Sky full of flowers and sky full of clouds"-TV series "Blood Romance"
He Qiling's lyrics, A Kun's song "Jiuer"-TV series "Red Sorghum"
Wang Liping's lyrics and music "Shaolin Shaolin"-the movie "Shaolin Temple"

1. Chen Xi's lyrics, Dong Dongdong's song "Where is the time"-the movie "Private Order"
2. Yin Yue's lyrics and Qian Lei's song "Big Fish"-the animated film "Big Fish Begonia"

——— Intermission ———

1. Wu Dawei/Wei Baogui composed lyrics, Fu Gengchen composed "Red Star Song"-the theme song of the movie "Sparkling Red Star"
2. Wang Zhongyan, Cui Junrong's "Beautiful Myth"-the movie "Myth"

1. Lei Zhenbang's lyrics and music "Looking for my comrade-in-arms"-the movie "A Guest on the Iceberg"
2. Lu Mang Ci, Lv Qiming's Song "Playing My Beloved Soil Pipa"-Movie "Railway Guerrilla"

3. Liu Guofu's lyrics, Tian Nong's song "Evelyn Flower"-the movie "Little Flower"

Cao Xueqin's Lyrics, Wang Liping's Song "Vaning Eyebrows"-TV Series "A Dream of Red Mansions"

1. Fang Wenshan's lyrics, Jay Chou's song "Chrysanthemum Terrace"-the movie "Full of Golden Armor in the City"
2. Yan Su's Ci, Yang Ming/Jiang Chunyang/Jinsha Song "Embroidered Red Flag"-opera movie "Jiang Sister"
3. Chen Tao's lyrics, Wang Bei's song "West Wind"-TV series "Mi Yue Biography"
4. Qiao Yu's lyrics, Liu Chi's "My Motherland"-the movie "Shangganling"

*The repertoire of the final performance is subject to change

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