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16 December 2020
(United Kingdom)

The Snowman with The Bear and The Piano
Orchestra - The Octagon

This concert has been canceled.

This concert is sold out.

Program Info:
Howard Blake - The Snowman
Howard Blake - The Bear

One morning, a little boy named James wakes up and looks out of the window, and sees that the world is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Overjoyed, James gets dressed as fast as he can, rushes downstairs and runs outside into the garden to play. He soon realises that playing on his own isn’t much fun, so he starts to build a snowman. It takes him all day but finally his snowman is finished.

Soon it’s time to go inside but James doesn’t want to go to bed. Eventually his Mum tucks him in, but soon after the lights go out he gets up again and runs outside to check on his snowman. There’s magic in the air as he opens the back door, James can’t believe his eyes – the snowman has come to life!

2 performances:
Afternoon Schools Performance
Evening Family performance

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This concert has been canceled.

This concert is sold out.

Last edited: 12 November 2020 - 09:18 hours