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18 May 2021

Le Signe de Zorro (The Mark of Zorro) - Cine Concert
Mathieu Regnault, piano - La Cinémathèque de Toulouse

Program Info:
Le Signe de Zorro (The Mark of Zorro)
Fred Niblo. 1920. USA.

A wealthy, single young man, who is not a hero but who conducts a masked vigilante activity in the shadows, a devoted butler, a black cape and a secret cellar. No, it is not the batman but the cunning fox, a fine teaser soul. From leap to rebound, Douglas Fairbanks dubbed cinema and made his mark with the tip of the sword. That of the athletic, acrobatic actor. Return to origins or makeover, like the arrival of a luminous train, welcome to a show where it is difficult to stay in your chair.

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