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16 November 2020

Notre-Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)
l’Orchestre d’Harmonie H2O conducted by Quentin Ferradou - Théâtre de la Cité - CDN

Program Info:
l’Orchestre d’Harmonie H2O
Quentin Ferradou, conductor

Wallace Worsley. 1923. USA. 117 min. Tinted. DCP. Mute. English intertitles with French subtitles.
Raphaël Howson - Wallace Worsley
Anthony Lézian, orchestration

Esmeralda, the hunchback and Notre-Dame. The classic of Victor Hugo revisited by Hollywood. A colossal production which includes the reconstruction of the square and the facade of the cathedral in Universal Studios. As Quasimodo, of course, the incredible Lon Chaney, whose transformation into a hunchback in love took four hours of make-up and required him to carry 35 pounds. Confusing as always, her portrayal / performance has never been matched and goes a long way towards the success and success of what remains the best film version of Hugo's novel.

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