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15 January 2021
Köln (Cologne)

Hero's Journey
WDR Funkhausorchester conducted by Frank Strobel - Funkhaus

Program Info:
WDR Funkhausorchester
Frank Stobel, conductor
Bettina Mönch, singer
Dominik Hees, singer
Julia Schöning, moderation

The witch Elphaba is green, the beast is hairy and has two horns on its head, and Quasimodo guards Notre-Dame as the hunchbacked hunchback. What these three film and musical characters have in common: they are all outsiders of society in their films, are chased with torches and exposed to ridicule. But they do exist, the Belles, Glindas and Esmeraldas of this world, who rescue the sad characters from their isolation and loneliness and thus write modern fairy tales. In this concert program, the WDR Funkhausorchester dedicates itself to the anti-heroes of the film and musical world - from "Wicked" to "Beauty and the Beast", from "Hunchback of Notre Dame" to "Frozen". Happy ending guaranteed!

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