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23 October 2020

"LA LA LAND" Aesthetic and Romantic Classical Music Audiovisual Concert
Chamber Orchestra of Beijing Philharmonic conducted by Gong Jianhua - Oriental Art Center-Concert Hall

Program Info:
Main repertoire (repertoire and sequence of performance shall prevail on the spot):
First half
1. "Another Day Of Sun" opening song of the city of philharmonic music
2. "Someone In The Crowd" He loves music in a crowd City of
Philharmonic Episode 3, "LaLaLand" (Mia&Sebastian's Theme) Theme Song of the City of Philharmonic
4, "Audition-The Fools Who Dream" (Audition-The Fools Who Dream) Philharmonic City Episode
5, "Scarborough Fair" ( Scarborough Fair) Graduate ending song female solo
6, "Moon River" (Moon River) Tiffany's breakfast theme song
7, "Yesterday Once More" (reproduced yesterday) Carpenter representative work
8, " "Edelweiss" (Edelweiss) Theme Song of the Sound of Music
9, "Love in a Lifetime" Ending Theme
10 of Journey to the West , "Birthday Love" (Violin SOLO)

Second Half
11, "Gone with the Wind" (Gone with the Wind) Theme Song of Gone with the Wind (Violin SOLO) )
12, "Right Here Waiting" (Remembrance) Richard Marx works
13, "Playing love" (melody of love) Pianist theme song (cello SOLO)
14, "the On my Heart by Will Go" (I Heart Eternity) Titanic theme song female solo
15, "City Of Stars" (City of Stars) Philharmonic city episode female solo
16, "Planetarium" (Planetarium) Philharmonic city episode
17. "Start A Fire" (Blooming Fire) City of Philharmonic Interlude
18. "A Lovey Night" (Sultry Night) Interlude of Philharmonic City (Tap Dance)
19. "Epilogue" (If Time Can Turn Back) Philharmonic City OST
20, "See You again" (destined bye) Fast and Furious seven theme song

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