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07 May 2021

The Red Violin
Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tibor Bogányi - Kodály Centre

Program Info:
Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra
Tibor Bogányi, conductor
Elina Vähälä, violin

20th century, yet no avant-garde. This classically structured concert is going to feature three 20th century pieces, whose modernity was not dictated by mainstream contemporary trends but are nevertheless unique, as they retrospectively point to the future. Although Bernstein’s Candide was inspired by Voltaire’s 18th century satire, its music is undeniably 20th century American. The Violin Concerto „The Red Violin” stands for one of those rare occasions when a film score inspired the birth of a classical music piece, as the violin concerto relies on the soundtrack of the movie „The Red Violin.” Dohnányi’s Symphony No. 2 was penned in the turbulent days, when the composer was leaving Hungary fleeing from the Soviet army in 1944 while Hungary was under Nazi occupation. Even though, the work invokes some great Romantic pieces in many respects and even recalls Bach’s music in some parts, its message is uniquely different. Besides the tragedy, also Dohányi’s optimism, sense of humour and trust in a better future come to show.

Leonard Bernstein: Candide-ouverture
John Corigliano: Violin Concerto No. 1 „The Red Violin”
Ernő Dohnányi: Symphony No. 2, Op. 40

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