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25 November 2021
Wien (Vienna)

Hello Vienna! Shalom Hollywood!
Cornelius Obonya, Ethel Merhaut und Bela Koreny - Theater Akzent

Program Info:
Music, texts and anecdotes by Walter Jurmann, Fritz Rotter, Max Steiner, Molly Picon, Billy Wilder, Hedy Lamarr, Erich Pleskow, Erich von Stroheim, Fritz Lang

This evening is dedicated to all those composers, lyricists, singers and directors who had to leave their native Austria and found a new home in Hollywood. Walter Jurmann, Hedy Lamarr, Fritz Rotter, Greta Keller, Max Steiner, Billy Wilder, Fritz Lang - they all shaped the identity of Hollywood and made film history. The famous songs of Molly Picons, probably the most legendary Yiddish actress, singer and lyricist of that time, will also be heard.
Ethel Merhaut, Cornelius Obonya and Bela Koreny take their audience into this partly forgotten world of moving music, amusing lyrics and clever anecdotes.

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This concert-info was provided by Marco Ubaldi. Thanks much for that! :)
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