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25 February 2021
(Czech Republic)

Fire Classics
Filharmonie Bohuslava Martinu & Gypsy Diables conducted by Adrián Kokoš - Zlín Congress Center

Program Info:
Bohuslava Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra
Adrián Kokoš , Conductor
Gypsy Diables :
Ernest Šarközi, Dulcimer, Artistic Director, Arrangement Of Compositions
Silvia Šarközi, Cello, Vocals
Štefan Banyák, Violin
Jozef Farkaš, Viola
Robert Fehér, Double Bass
Zoltán Grunza, Clarinet

The Fire Classic is a unique project in which the unique Slovak group Cigánski Diabli and the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra will present themselves on one stage.

The introduction of the show will feature the most famous melodies from the opera Carmen in an arrangement of Gypsy Devils enriched with their own variations, in which there are non-traditional and interesting fusions of original Bizet's music with other musical genres. The whole first half of the concert will take the form of a kind of musical duel. The symphony orchestra will perform in a completely equal position as the ensemble of the Gypsy Devils, and will therefore not only have an accompanying function. The ideological "music battle" between the two solo ensembles will then give the whole evening incredible energy and charge. All this with the contribution of extraordinary virtuosity, which is an integral part of the artistic expression of the Gypsy Devils.

The timeless story of unrequited love and Bizet's composing skills were transformed into the author's famous opera Carmen. This time, however, this work, which excels in strong elements of Spanish and Gypsy temperament, comes to life in a form in which Bizet's romantic melodies are masterfully connected with elements of jazz, flamenco, etna and gypsy music and others. However, there will also be singing, which realistically depicts the character of a delicate and at the same time passionate and unfettered Carmen.

The second half of the evening will bring melodies of popular, classical, film, folk and music of the world-ethno genre. In this part, for example, the tones of the melancholic Slovak folk song Páslo holka páva, the popular Monti čardáš or the Oscar-winning music from the film Schindler's List will be heard. We cannot forget the ballad called Tribute to the Victims of the Holocaust, in which singing and music very sensitively express perhaps all the emotions that manifested themselves in such a tragic situation as the Shoah.

The fiery classic performed by the Gypsy Devils and the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra will be performed under the baton of the renowned Slovak conductor Adrián Kokoš, who, among other things, works professionally in the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Fantasie Carmen By Cigánských Diablo
Franz Liszt / Ernest Sarkozy - Paraphrase And Variations On A Hungarian Rhapsodies Nos. 3 And Slovak Folk Song Macejko
Grazed Girl Peacocks - Slovak Folk Song Arrangements Tomas Koppl
Ernest Sarkozy - Waltz For Cimbalom
Tribute To Holocaust Victims
John Williams / Ernest Sarkozy - Schindler's List
Vittorio Monti - Cardas

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