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19 March 2021

The Hours & Petrujska
Aarhus Symfoniorkester conducted by Pierre Bleuse - Musikhuset Aarhus, Symfonisk Sal

Program Info:
Philip Glass - The House Suite
Igor Stravinsky - Petrusjka

The piano is at the center of this four evening concert! Granted, Glass called his arrangement of film music for "The Hours" a suite - but in reality it's a piano concerto. At the same time, the music is infinitely unobtrusive and ubiquitous, and it adds an indispensable mood to the film's fascinating story of life and especially death. But even in the concert hall it is impossible not to be enthralled by Glass' persistent, mesmerizing repetitions. As a soloist, Danish pianist Tanja Zapolski, who played Philip Glass' works together with the composer himself, is brilliant.

From one musical extreme to another! Unlike the minimalist Glass, Stravinsky takes full advantage of the orchestra and its sound. In Petruska, the music vibrates with intense energy, depicting kaleidoscopic marketplaces, amorphous rallies, and diabolical death scenes - all staged in Stravinsky's theatrical, picture-rich tone universe. As in "The Hours", the piano - and Tanja Zapolski - plays an important role.

The four evening concert is a 45-minute breath where you can let go of everyday life and end the weekend with a symphonic masterpiece. The concert opens with a brief introduction from the stage. Immersion and undivided enthusiasm are encouraged. Beer, wine and water can be purchased.

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