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18 March 2021

Vilde vidunderlige Danmark (Wild, wonderful Denmark)
Aalborg Symfoniorkester - Musikkens Hus, Koncertsalen

Program Info:
Peter Due, Rasmus Zwicki, Anthony Lledo - Vilde vidunderlige Danmark

Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Klarup Pigekor and Nordjysk Pigekor pay tribute to Danish nature in a magnificent cinematic concert event, where images, sound and music merge into a beautiful, poetic and entertaining association. Get a unique experience of Danish nature with all its drama and beauty - with live music for live images from DR's large nature series Wild Wonderful Denmark. At this concert you have the opportunity to experience the series' spectacular sound side very closely with the orchestra and choir in the concert hall. It is about birth and death, mating and hunger, to hunt or be hunted. We join in the heartbreaking moment when the cuckoo boy pushes his step siblings out of the nest to get all the food for himself while the music drives the heartbreaking act.We get underwater with the gray seals and in the air with the king's eagle to the sound of the clear voices of the girl choir. And we follow a bunch of ducklings' first big leap as they leave their safe nest on a balcony and literally jump out of life - or death - from the height of the fourth floor. All in association with live music from the choir and orchestra - and bound together by pearls from the Danish singing treasure, which contains beautiful and attractive nature descriptions.

Music by Peter Due, Rasmus Zwicki and Anthony Lledo from the TV series as well as songs from the Danish song tax.

Vilde vidunderlige Danmark - Live in concert is a concept developed by the DR Symphony Orchestra.

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