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24 October 2020
Kyiv (Kiev)

Music of Hans Zimmer
Lords of the Sound conducted by Shahroch Fathizadeh - HC KPI

Program Info:
Lords of the Sound
Shahroch Fathizadeh, conductor
Yaroslav Radionenko, soloist

The Lords of the Sound orchestra prepared another surprise, an unforgettable evening with the new program "Music of Hans Zimmer" on the stage of CCM KPI.

The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Gravity, Sherlock Holmes, Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, Mission Impossible. Getting Started, Pirates of the Caribbean - Hans Zimmer hits, performed by the famous Lords Of The Sound Symphony Orchestra!

Hans Zimmer is a German film composer who became popular after the release of the iconic Rain Man movie. "When I came up with the music for Rain Man, I kept thinking, don't try to drown out the characters. Don't go to the forefront. Raymond, the main character, doesn't really understand where he is. He sees the world not the way we do ... Why wouldn't you create "world music" for a world that exists only in his head? " says Hans. This job was a real breakthrough in his career - Zimmer was awarded an Oscar nomination. The best Hollywood directors lined up to work with him. And Hans devoted himself fully to the work, often inventing musical themes for two or three paintings at a time. His music impressed the Disney studio so much that they commissioned Zimmer for a composition for the Lion King cartoon. The cartoon's musical theme has brought the composer three of the most prestigious awards - the Oscars, the Golden Globe and the Grammys. Later Zimmer continued to receive numerous awards, becoming truly the best of the best in Hollywood. The rare Oscar ceremony goes without the Zimmer nominee.

The stunning success of the Lords Of The Sound orchestras combined with the finest compositions by Hans Zimmer will immerse you in the unforgettable feeling of a warm summer evening, the atmosphere of a beautiful fairy tale filled with the beauty of symphonic sounding of your favorite songs, rock band, vivid visual effects and the unrestrained positive of the whole team!

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Last edited: 22 June 2020 - 08:15 hours