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05 February 2021

Eduard Artemiev: Film Music and Requiem
State Symphony Orchestra "New Russia" conducted by Nicola Giuliani (Italy) - Moscow International Performing Arts Center, Svetlanovsky Hall

Program Info:
On the program: E. Artemyev. Requiem;
music for the films “Among my own among strangers, a stranger among my own”, “Slave of love”, “Solaris”, “Odyssey”, “Burnt by the sun”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Sibirada”, “Legend No. 17”, “Siberian barber” , “Sunstroke”, “A few days in the life of I. I. Oblomov”, “The Nutcracker and the Rat King”, etc.

The masterpieces of the film music of the outstanding composer Eduard Artemyev - the author of the soundtracks for the films of cult directors Andrei Tarkovsky, Andron Konchalovsky, Nikita Mikhalkov - will be heard in a concert of the cycle “Music of World Cinema”. Eduard Artemyev is one of the most famous and recognized domestic composers of our time, who boldly overcomes the boundaries of genres and styles throughout his career. He is the author of hundreds of chamber, symphonic and electronic works of large and small forms, which invariably arouse interest both in the musical elite and in the general public.

Artemyev composed music for more than 200 domestic and foreign films and is one of the few composers thanks to which film music is difficult to call an applied genre, it has long been living its own life and gathers full rooms. Meeting with Artemyev’s music, listeners “experience” every note and plunge into the quivering and infinitely beautiful world of the musical Universe of Eduard Artemyev.

The concert will feature Artemyev’s music for N. Mikhalkov’s films “ Among the strangers, a stranger among the friends” (1974), “Slave of love” (1975), “A few days from the life of I. I. Oblomov” (1979), “Burnt by the Sun” (1994), Burnt by the Sun-2: Ahead. The Citadel ”(2010, 2011),“ The Siberian Barber ”(1998),“ Sunstroke ”(2014); A. Tarkovsky "Solaris" (1972) ; A. Konchalovsky “Sibiriada” (1979), “The Inner Circle” (1991, USA), “Odyssey” (1997, USA), “The Nutcracker and the Rat King” (2010, USA) ; A. Proshkina “Doctor Zhivago” (2005); N. Lebedeva "Legend No. 17" (2013).

Maestro Nicola Giuliani, a longtime fan of the composer's music, proposed to include in the program of the concert the absolute masterpiece of Eduard Artemyev - Requiem “Nine Steps to the Transfiguration”, which will be attended by a choir ensemble, choir of the Song and Dance Ensemble named after V.S. Lokteva and rock band. The part of the tenor and rock singer will be performed by Andrei Lefler, the finalist of the television project “The Voice”, the owner of the rare voice “tenor-altino”.

Program subject to change

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