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20 March 2021

Symphony for Kids: Charlot et Mlle Cello (Charlot and Miss Cello)
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra conducted by Cosette Justo-Valdés - Winspear Centre

This concert has been canceled.

Program Info:
ESO Assistant Principal Cellist Julie Hereish created this special show with her collaborator, actor Pierre Mayer. Pierre will play the role of Charlot, while Julie plays Mlle Cello during a performance with the ESO on Saturday, March 20, 2021. We asked Julie why this show is so special to her and why she wanted to bring it to the Winspear stage.

“Mr. Mayer and I are thrilled to introduce young people to this unique character, Charlot. Kids instinctively react to the genius of Charlie Chaplin’s language; his physicality and expression are a wonderful way to introduce young people to orchestral music, especially the cello.”

“The music played by the orchestra becomes a character of its own. I’m very excited to collaborate with my new colleagues and friends from the ESO to bring to life such an essential layer of the story.”

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This concert has been canceled.

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